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Booklaunch Urgencias Urbanas Rio-Berlin

6 pm Performance-Walk to Neuer Berliner Kunstverein with Ronald Du Arte (artist, Rio de Janeiro, Co-editor Arte e Ensaios)
Meeting point: Hackescher Markt, in front of the Butlers shop entrance
7 pm Magazine launch and Videoscreening with Marilia Palmeira (Art historian, Rio de Janeiro)
In English language

Europe, China and Brazil: Transnational Dialogues 2014

In 2014, Transnational Dialogues will bring forward a specific collaboration between China, Europe, and Brazil, coordinating young creatives from the three continents to reflect and create together in a year-long process of networked-production, a multilayered exchange and mix of virtual collaboration, meetings, seminars and caravans that outline a new transnational model of cross-mediatic and cross-national production.