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Europe, China and Brazil: Transnational Dialogues 2014

In 2014, Transnational Dialogues will bring forward a specific collaboration between China, Europe, and Brazil, coordinating young creatives from the three continents to reflect and create together in a year-long process of networked-production, a multilayered exchange and mix of virtual collaboration, meetings, seminars and caravans that outline a new transnational model of cross-mediatic and cross-national production.

UNLIMITED – From Farm to Victory

Der Kurator und bildende Künstler Robin Resch versammelt in der Ausstellung “UNLIMITED – From Farm to Victory“ diverse Positionen künstlerischer Arbeiten, die in engem Bezug zu den städtischen Transformationsprozessen stehen, die das China der vergangenen zwei Dekaden von ländlichen Gebieten in urbanes Bauland umgewandelt haben.

Transnational Dialogues EU-China out now

Robin Resch was selected artist to join the Transnational Research Caravan EU-China initiated by European Alternatives. As one of the results of the Caravan we are happy to present the final publication.